The Main Rules of Teqis

Scoring system:
  • A teqis match is won by winning two or more sets depending on the competition.
  • One set is won when a player or team reaches 12 points.
  • The deciding set must be won by two clear points.
  • A point is won when the opponent:
    • fails to return the ball onto the table; 
    • lets the ball bounce on the ground; 
    • lets the ball bounce on the table more than once.
    • hits a volley inside the volley line.
  • The server must stand behind the service line and serve from anywhere along the line. 
  • The service line is placed 2 meters behind the edge of the Teq table.
  • Each player has one chance to execute a successful service.
  • The serve has to be an underarm serve where the movement of the racket during the contact point must be upward.
  • The serve must bounce only once, anywhere on the opponent’s side of the table. 
  • Serving alternates from one player/team to the opponent every 4 points.
  • Teqis can be played with beach tennis, padel or pickleball rackets and a 50% low compression tennis ball.
  • The ball can be played in two different ways:
    • volley - the player hits the ball before it bounces on the table.
    • boardshot - the player hits the ball after it bounces on the table.
  • In singles, the player has to return the ball to the other side in one shot.
  • In doubles, the players must take turns hitting the ball back to the opponent's side.
  • If the ball bounces on the edge of the table, it is a valid shot.
  • Players are allowed to touch the table with their racket and touch the edge of the table with their legs.
  • The volley line is placed at the extension of the end of the Teq table, and it is 3.5 meters long.
  • The ‘doublepoint’ is a chance to gain 2 points instead of one in a single rally. The ‘doublepoint’ can only be awarded to the player/team who requested it and legally scored the point. A player/team may only request the ‘doublepoint’ if they have not yet reached 10 points in that set.
  • Each team has the right to request one 'doublepoint' during a match.


Please find the full document of The Official Rules of Teqis here.