The Main Rules of Teqis

Scoring system:
  • A teqis match is won by winning one or more sets depending on the competition.
  • One set consists of two winning games.
  • One game is won when a player or team reaches 8 points.
  • The deciding game must be won by two clear points.
  • A point is won when the opponent:
    • fails to return the ball onto the table within 2 hits (singles) or 3 hits (doubles);
    • lets the ball bounce twice on the table;
    • hits the ball outside the lines;
    • touches any part of the Teq table.
The Service:
  • The server must stand behind the baseline and serve one point from the right-hand side and one point from the left. 
  • Each player has two chances to execute a successful service.
  • The serve must bounce only once, anywhere on the opponent’s side of the table. 
  • Serving alternates from one player/team to the opponent every 2 points.
  • The ball can be played in two different ways:
    • volley - the player hits the ball before it bounces on the table.
    • boardshot - the player hits the ball after it bounces on the table.
  • In singles, a player can return the ball in one shot or take two touches.
  • In doubles, both players in a team must hit the ball before returning it. The same player cannot take consecutive hits and the ball must be returned within 3 shots.
  • The ‘doublepoint’ allows a team to win two points for a single rally before they reach 6 points. Each team can request the ‘doublepoint’ once in each set.

Please find the full document of The Official Rules of Teqis here.