Para teqis is a wheelchair tennis-based, unique and innovative racket sport with special rules, which can be played on the multifunctional sports equipment, the Teq table. In para teqis a Play and Stay Stage 1 (green) ball and beach tennis rackets are used. The game develops technique and concentration skills and is a good surface for more spectacular games. Para teqis can be played as singles by two wheelchair-user players, or as inclusive doubles, where a wheelchair-user player and a non-disabled player team up to play against another team.

The purpose is to have a new, exciting and challenging sport for people with disabilities and to create a game in which wheelchaired and able-bodied athletes can play together with the same opportunities without any discrimination or disadvantage. The inclusiveness of this sport is completely unique in the world of para sports, as it creates the conditions for those with disabilities and non-disabled players to play sports together on equal terms and conditions.

Para teqis aims to provide a fun, easily accessible modern racket sport that can be played and enjoyed by players at all levels. In addition, it is dynamic, enjoyable and can play an important rehabilitation role in the lives of people with disabilities.

Through para teqis, we wish to embrace and spread all the values para sports represent: determination, courage, inspiration, equality.